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Pike County
Meeting Minutes

This is a new feature on the Pike GenWeb Site!

As you may already know, these minutes are available to the public. I have photographed and indexed the first book of minutes existing at the Pike County Clerk's office.  As time permits, I will continue with the next books in order.  I truly hope you will find these helpful in your research.

Book "B" (The oldest minutes available.)


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Returns of Birth
Filed With the County Clerk
Sept 4, 1883 - Nov 27, 1883

Birth Records



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Families, Bios and Sketches

John Walter Basye

Brimer Family

Buffum Tool Company

Curry Family

Hughey A. Henry

O'Brien Pictures (& Article)

William Patterson - 1759-1847

The Price Family in Pike County

Sketch of Miles S. Price

John E. Scott

Scott's Spring

Stark Family

David Tombs

Watts Family


Here you will find bits, pieces and clippings from old newspapers. These give us wonderful glimpses into the lives of our ancestors. If you have any newspaper stories/clippings you would like to add, please forward them to Rhonda.

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1860 Indian Creek Township  
Pike County Poor Farm: 1870-1920 
1870 Census Index by Township 
Census Questions by year


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Pike County Communities
Misc Information We have information that doesn't really fit into any of the categories above.  Here you will find information ranging from the history of our local Amish community, cemetery preservation, and old letters to the local POW camp, the Shortline Railroad, and probate. Of course, that's just a sampling, so take a look and you just may find something of interest!
External Resources
 Military Tips

The townships of this part of Missouri were once divided into four great divisions (when Pike County was still part of the Louisiana Purchase), known as Cape Girardeau, Sainte Genevieve, Saint Louis and Saint Charles. Once Pike County was established in 1818, it contained four of its own townships: Buffalo, Calumet, Mason and Peno. Today there are 10 townships within Pike County, legally designated as Ashley, Buffalo, Calumet, Cuivre, Hartford, Indian, Peno, Prairieville, Salt River and Spencer.








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